Variant 80: 2021 Nerd Stockings, Ghostbusters, Hawkeye

It’s that time of the year! The Comic Exposure boys create their 2021 nerdy gift list for the holidays. (see notes for links) In addition, the boys discuss their thoughts on Hawkeye and Ghostbusters: After Life.

1. Criminal: Volume 1

2.Revenge of the Nerd Shirts

3. Art Portfolio

4. Dreamer of Dune: Frank Herbert Biography

5. Nerdy Instant Pot Decals

6.The Bones: Part One, Dan Berry

7.Seek You: A Journey Through Loneliness

8.Monsters: Barry Smith

9. Nerd Flower Pots

10. The Corruption of Pelursk – Pocket Dungeon Pack – By Shel Khan


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