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Comic book culture has become mainstream. Hooray! What this means is that all comic fans over the age of twenty-five can exhale and collectively let our “nerd guts” hang out. When Josh and I fell in love with comics in the 90’s, it was still a secret shame: something to be enjoyed with a flashlight, late at night, under comforters for fear that even our own family would cast judgment on us. No more. The geeks are letting their freak flags fly! Today’s youth proudly display superheroes on every inch of their personal real estate: from backpacks, to t-shirts, to bumper stickers. However, while the world has embraced “comic book culture” it has not embraced the comic books the culture is based on. More and more of the world’s most talented artists and creative storytellers are drawn to the medium of comic books; yet, some of the industry’s best material is being cancelled do to lack of sales. What we hope to accomplish with “Comic Exposure” is to provide a platform for longer in-depth discussions on graphic novels while at the same time providing a gateway into comic books for new readers. Most importantly we want to exercise thirty-plus years of closeted nerd-fueled conversations. Enjoy, interact, and be merry. Welcome to Comic Exposure!


  1. Just thought I would send in a request. You guys should review The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross. They create an amazing world and it is filled with literary references to novels from Moby Dick to Harry Potter. It’s a story about story.

    1. I checked this out, and it is definitely something I want to put on our reading list for the upcoming months. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction! I love Carey’s Castor novels.

  2. Hi Guys

    I see your website and podcast and it looks really cool. I am an Indie comic creator and I was wondering if you guys talk about or spotlight some of the Indie books that are out there on Comixology. If so I would be honored if you guys would look at some of the books I am putting out through aa88press. Thanks for your time 🙂


    1. Frank,
      I checked out your site, and your titles look really interesting. We love indie creators and are definitely going to check a few of issues out. I’ll send you a heads up when we discuss them. Thanks for listening!

  3. IKTOMI is a Dark Fantasy/Western Graphic Novel that will drag readers into the different worlds of Native American Mythology, post-Civil War America and Dark Magic, all perfectly blended. The well-crafted ensemble cast of rough and down to earth trailblazers of the West, brave Natives and sinister disciples of the Occult, promises to deliver exciting stories filled with blood, grit and glory. It’s “Matrix meets American Vampire meets Kingsway West”.
    This 25-issue Graphic Novel is the brainchild of writer Leonardo Masetti and producer Pier Paolo Piccoli, two native-born Italians sharing a common passion for mystery, fantasy and, obviously, famed movie director Sergio Leone.
    The story follows two separated dimensions fighting for absolute domination of the Human Race. In one – the Upper World – an unusual pair of heroes (Jack Freeman, a white-man-turned-Lakota-Shaman, and Medicine Eagle, a wise Lakota Holy Man) battle against road agents, Blue Coats and terrifying creatures from Native American Mythology. The other dimension is a dreadful and frightful place called Xibalba, ruled by an evil Minister of the Occult called Huracan. An Indian Trickster Spirit, known as Iktomi, is the link between these two dimensions. Evoked by Huracan, he is given the task of electing disciples among the Human Race who, through Dark Magic spells and ceremonies, will allow Huracan and his Army to invade and conquer Our World. Among this herd of devoted disciples, there’s Sly, a ruthless bandit who also murdered Jack’s girlfriend (Allie Morrison). A memorable clash soon erupts, and the fate of all Humanity will lie in the hands of Jack, Medicine Eagle and their…”doubles” in Xibalba.
    The Graphic Novel is penciled, inked and toned by Ryan Gutierrez (who also penciled, inked and colored the Covers) and lettered by Joseba Morales. Ryan’s ability to bring to light all the characters’s intense cinematographic expressions has been matched by Leonardo’s skills in creating authentic, unique and signature dialogues, making Iktomi a one-of-a-kind saga.
    Source Point Press has announced that the first Volume of this brand new creator- owned Graphic Novel will hit the stores in May of 2016.
    The primary goal of this Detroit-based indie Publisher is to bring quality new creator- owned content to readers in the form of books, graphic novels, and comics; and to raise recognition of lesser-known talent. They are best known for their titles in the horror and pulp genres.
    More information can be found at the following websites: http://www.SoucePointPress.com and http://www.Iktomi.us. And at the following social medias: facebook.com/ SourcePointPress, twitter.com/SourcePtPress and instagram.com/sourcepointpress. For further questions, to schedule an interview and/or to receive a copy of Iktomi Volume 1 “The Lake of the Sacred Hoop” please email info@sourcepointpress.com.

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