Variant 26: Going Chrome

Josh attempts to rejuvenate Travis’s geeky passions as the comic book summer season comes to a close by discussing the best version of Batman for Batman Day, as well as the pros and cons of a Star Wars tv series. Things get interesting when the guys discuss what Fanboy movie they most want to see…

Paper Girls

Grab the keys to your Delorean because on this episode the guys take a trip back to the 80’s to discuss Brian K. Vaughan’s and Cliff Chiang’s series Paper Girls. Riding shotgun on this nostalgic journey is Travis’s sister, Mindy Moed. 80’s references and sibling rivalry are sure to ensue!

All My Ghosts

The guys put away their capes and cowls this week and get literary with Jeremy Massie’s graphic novel, All My Ghosts. Josh reveals his love for punk rock bass players, and returning guest Anthony Celaya weighs in on “father issues”. This is a don’t miss episode for fans of indie projects and Alterna Comics!