Variant 85: Stocking Stuffers 2022

It’s that time of the years nerds… prepare to have your stockings stuffed! 1.Ray Bradbury Comic 2. Hero Quest 3.Horror Candles 4. Dune Mini Series 5.Art of James Cameron 6.Criminal: Deluxe Vol 7.Shawn Phillips Prints 8.Comic Inventory Log 9.Table Arcade 10.Comic Book Template 11.Turn Table

Night of the Ghoul

This week Josh and Travis take a look at a Comixology original by Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla: Night of the Ghoul. This six issue story is part of Snyder 8 series deal with the online publisher. What works and doesn’t with this model? What is Snyder adding to the genre? Tune in to find…

Reckless: The Ghost in You

Book four of Ed Brubaker’s Reckless series came out this spring, so you know Josh and Travis have to talk about it. This book takes a slightly different approach to our 80’s noir detective series. See what boys have to say about this hauntingly good addition to the series.

Time Before Time: Vol. 1

Another time travel story? That’s right kids! This episode Josh and Travis talk the ins and outs of time travel. What makes for a good time travel story and what does the comic “Time Before Time” add to the genre? Hop in your time machine and push in April 2022 and come join the conversation.