I Hate Fairyland

Step through the looking glass in this episode as the duo delve into Scottie Young‘s delightfully bonkers first trade of I Hate Fairyland. Warning: Golden Girl references are abound as three-peat guest Gabby Buckley sits in on this podcast and discovers her inner Gert.


Batten down the hatches! In this monster packed episode Josh and Trav discuss Zander Cannon’s genre fused comic, Kaijumax. Brent Jackson joins the gang as they wrap their heads around a Kaiju filled Alactraz!

Tokyo Ghost: Atomic Garden

Everyone is “Turning Japanese” in this episode as we discuss Rick Remender and Sean Murphy’s bloody comic run “Tokyo Ghost”. You’ll want to turn of your EMP fields for this one. Special guest and Japanese expat Scott Taylor joins us.

We Can Never Go Home

Show favorite Chris Moore mediates this polarizing discussion of Black Mask Studio’s hit graphic novel “We Can Never Go Home”. Grab your Walkmans and plug in as we talk super powers, punk rock, and the 1980s.