Cosmic Odyssey

In this episode, the boys “Boom Tube” deep into the bowels of the D.C. Universe cosmos. Join Travis and Josh as they discuss Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola’s four issue 1988 galactic story arc where we finally as the question “what’s a New God”

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

In 1987, Mike Grell wrote a three-issue prestige format comic book starring the Green Arrow called the Longbow Hunters. In 2020, Josh and Travis decide it is time to read that bad boy and talk about it. Tune in to find out just what is so 80’s about this book.


Josh and Travis get some perspective on how good they have it during these trying times by reading about the hardships of a WWII, female, Russian assassin: Sara. This title packs a powerhouse of creators including Garth Ennis, Steve Epting, and Elizabeth Breitweiser.